Organising Your Daughter\’s Birthday Party: How to Make Her Very Happy!

Our kids are very important to us of course and we want to make them as happy as they can be, without spoiling them too much of course! It is your daughter’s 10th birthday in a month’s time and you want to make it very special for her. After her 1st birthday, you haven’t really had any major parties, so it is time to indulge her a bit!
What are some things you can do? Here are some ideas to consider.

Making it extra special

As you want to make this birthday extra special for your daughter, you will want to take into consideration what her tastes are and her kind of personality. As this is not a surprise, you can ask her who she would like to be invited and who she would rather not invite. You can also give her a few ideas for a theme for the party and let her choose or come up with her own theme. This will be a good opportunity for your daughter to grow in her leadership skills too, as young as she is. You may also want to hire a great children’s photographer, who would be able to take those memorable shots that your daughter will cherish for many years to come and who know they may even be displayed at her graduation or wedding!

Choosing a theme

As you choose a theme for the party, you may want to do some brainstorming with your daughter and the rest of the family. Choose a theme that the other kids could use to have dress up ideas and also that you would find easy to use as a decoration or table decor. For example, you daughter may come up with the “Frozen” theme which would mean the kids could easily dress up in the fairy costumes and you can have the snow effect as you decorate the venue.

Let the party begin!

You would have the “Frozen” theme song and other music of course and the party cake which looks like a snow flake or a wand! Make sure your children’s photographer is present to take those great “Frozen” shots! The kids and especially your daughter will enjoy the party food and the great atmosphere you have created for her 10th birthday! Natasha C Photography offers photography services to make your events even more memorable. 

A memorable day!

You can be sure that your daughter and her friends have a great time at the party and they will make some special memories! Hopefully, you and the rest of the family also had a ball and are looking forward to celebrating the next big event in her life!

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