What’s the Rush


Things move at such a fast pace now. Our lives run constantly on high speed; schedules, appointments, deadlines. We barely start one activity before we start thinking about the next, and the one after that. It’s not just work; it’s everything. A phenomenon of this age is people wanting more and more, different experiences within increasingly shorter periods of time. People don’t take the time needed to enjoy any one experience fully. The variety may make life interesting but it works to decrease our overall enjoyment of it.

There’s a lot of advice been given in this vein: “stop and smell the roses in Canterbury”; “don’t dance faster than the song”; “all good things take time”. It’s not a new problem; there have always been people who have tried to do too much in too short a time. But the situation now seems to be accelerating out of control. Why are we working so hard, so fast, if not to have time to enjoy those things that are important to us?

Our brains need time to process and interpret information from the senses for there to be true enjoyment rather than a basic transitory satisfaction. A fine vintage wine is one to be savoured, the flavours explored and the subtleties appreciated. Quaffed down in a couple of gulps, it may satisfy a thirst or give a slight alcoholic buzz, but little more. A work of art needs time to appreciate, to experience and understand the emotions it generates: a quick glance as we rush through a gallery and we will be lucky to register the colour or the subject matter.  

 And sex too needs time if the many different aspects are to be explored and enjoyed in full. A key feature of tantric sex is prolonging and extending the total experience, not merely delaying orgasm, but taking time to experience and take pleasure in the many intricacies of sensation involved, and to heighten the emotional bonding. Tantric sessions teach a variety of techniques that can be used to extend and enhance the totality of the experience by those who are prepared to take the time.

Tantra is an accumulation of methods and practices rather than a religion, but has its roots in the Hindu religion and is still essentially a spiritual approach. However many modern practitioners have reinterpreted concepts to reflect a more secular attitude; with for example terms such as tantra goddess used to symbolise sexual empowerment in a woman, rather than being a reference to the divine.

There are of course countless other approaches and methods recommended for enhancing sexual experiences and deepening the bond between two people. But one theme is common to almost all and that is, that great sex and the closeness it brings is something that can’t be rushed.  We need to take time out from our frenetic lives or we will miss out on much of what makes life worthwhile.

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