Common Office Faux Pas To Avoid

Everyone has probably had at least one embarrassing or unpleasant incident where they’ve said or done the wrong thing. Though it may have been a slip of the tongue or a misunderstanding, it’s not easy to get past public humiliation. Even worse, occasions of inappropriate behavior or comments can cost you your job. Here are some of the more commonly made mistakes that people can easily avoid.


People tend to engage in gossip without even realizing they’re doing so. Even if you aren’t the one who’s talking about what happened to so-and-so, just listening is bad enough. Be careful of your big mouth, as gossip is highly offensive and can warrant action from superiors. If anyone starts to gossip with you, politely excuse yourself from the conversation.

Bad Behavior at Office Parties

Conference venues Melbourne often have freely flowing alcohol, and far too many embarrassing or inappropriate incidents are the result of having one (or four) too many. Remember that, while such occasions can be fun, the people you’redrinking with are still your superiors and colleagues, and you will have to see them every day. Make sure you go easy on the alcohol, or better yet, don’t drink at all. People may not be looking for inappropriate behavior, but they will notice and remember.

Inappropriate Attire

Whatever your taste in clothing and sense ofstyle might be, dress appropriately for the job. Don’t wear anything tight, skimpy, or even slightly transparent, and don’t be heavy on the makeup. Don’t wear shabby, flashy, or casual clothing either. Dressing professionally is the only way to go, so maintain your image. Even when it comes to corporate functions, follow the dress code of the major events catering, and don’t wear anything revealing. Wear something smart and sophisticated.

Being Loud

If you’re the easily excitable type, this might be a bit difficult, at least at first. It is, however, an important point to bear in mind. Noisy people in the workplace are big distractions and incredibly annoying. Even if you’ve notheard any complaints about this, you may be bothering people who are just too polite to say anything. Keep your volume and tone in check at all times.


Be careful that you don’t disclose highly personal information to colleagues and never to superiors. Unless you are best pals with a workmate, there is no reason to bring up private matters even in passing. It can make people distracted or uncomfortable, and it could end up circulating the office as gossip. 

The potential mistakes any employee can make are actually uncountable. These ones are most common, so the least you can do to maintain your dignity and job security is to keep them in mind at all times.

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