Product Launches That Promise To Make Headlines

Gone are the days when product launches were boring affairs. Nowadays, lots of effort, time and money are spent on launch parties such that a lasting positive impression is created for the product in the mind of the consumer.

A great theme for a product launch that is gaining much popularity is a carnival theme. Products ranging from clothes to food items to kids related merchandise can be launched at such a premise. Offbeat products too can be launched at such a carnival but the main trick is to ensure that the product catches the eye of the media and consumer at all the places and gets their nod of approval.

Carnival colours, specifically red and white stripes can dominate the decor along with colourful balloons, carnival tents and canopies along with signboards and colourful banners. A photo booth featuring carnival themed props can be added too to make the place more fun.

For a more authentic and realistic vibe, amusement rides and games too can be set up catering to the child as well as thrill seekers within the guests.

However, the amusement rides must be decided keeping in mind the potential age bracket of the invitees. The food too can carry the theme forward such as popcorn tubs, cotton candies, hot dogs, ice cream cones and similar goodies. The wait staff too could be dressed befitting the theme.

Invites for the carnival theme launch can be sent to the media, potential investors, partners, VIP guests and experts as well as prospective consumers all of whom can spread positive word and reviews of the product. Invites too can be creative such as shaped like popcorn tubs or carnival tents or like one of the popular carnival rides.

All in all the guests must feel as if they have entered an actual wonderland, complete with all the rides and food. Giveaways as well as takeaways can be arranged at the event to create additional buzz for the product. The lists of things that can be added to the party are endless. However, it must not be forgotten that the product is the centre of attraction at the launch and the limelight must always be on it.

The importance of product launching events

Product launches can make or break your marketing. These are events where a product makes its debut into the market and the consumers get to view and access the product for the first time. Thus, such launches can be the deciding factor for the product and launch parties are nerve wrecking zones for the manufacturer, who tries too hard to please the consumers. This gives rise to extravagant launch parties where all plugs are pulled for the decor, ambiance and catering.

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