What’s the Rush


Things move at such a fast pace now. Our lives run constantly on high speed; schedules, appointments, deadlines. We barely start one activity before we start thinking about the next, and the one after that. It’s not just work; it’s everything. A phenomenon of this age is people wanting more and more, different experiences within increasingly shorter periods of time. People don’t take the time needed to enjoy any one experience fully. The variety may make life interesting but it works to decrease our overall enjoyment of it.

There’s a lot of advice been given in this vein: “stop and smell the roses in Canterbury”; “don’t dance faster than the song”; “all good things take time”. It’s not a new problem; there have always been people who have tried to do too much in too short a time. But the situation now seems to be accelerating out of control. Why are we working so hard, so fast, if not to have time to enjoy those things that are important to us?

Our brains need time to process and interpret information from the senses for there to be true enjoyment rather than a basic transitory satisfaction. A fine vintage wine is one to be savoured, the flavours explored and the subtleties appreciated. Quaffed down in a couple of gulps, it may satisfy a thirst or give a slight alcoholic buzz, but little more. A work of art needs time to appreciate, to experience and understand the emotions it generates: a quick glance as we rush through a gallery and we will be lucky to register the colour or the subject matter.  

 And sex too needs time if the many different aspects are to be explored and enjoyed in full. A key feature of tantric sex is prolonging and extending the total experience, not merely delaying orgasm, but taking time to experience and take pleasure in the many intricacies of sensation involved, and to heighten the emotional bonding. Tantric sessions teach a variety of techniques that can be used to extend and enhance the totality of the experience by those who are prepared to take the time.

Tantra is an accumulation of methods and practices rather than a religion, but has its roots in the Hindu religion and is still essentially a spiritual approach. However many modern practitioners have reinterpreted concepts to reflect a more secular attitude; with for example terms such as tantra goddess used to symbolise sexual empowerment in a woman, rather than being a reference to the divine.

There are of course countless other approaches and methods recommended for enhancing sexual experiences and deepening the bond between two people. But one theme is common to almost all and that is, that great sex and the closeness it brings is something that can’t be rushed.  We need to take time out from our frenetic lives or we will miss out on much of what makes life worthwhile.

Common Office Faux Pas To Avoid

Everyone has probably had at least one embarrassing or unpleasant incident where they’ve said or done the wrong thing. Though it may have been a slip of the tongue or a misunderstanding, it’s not easy to get past public humiliation. Even worse, occasions of inappropriate behavior or comments can cost you your job. Here are some of the more commonly made mistakes that people can easily avoid.


People tend to engage in gossip without even realizing they’re doing so. Even if you aren’t the one who’s talking about what happened to so-and-so, just listening is bad enough. Be careful of your big mouth, as gossip is highly offensive and can warrant action from superiors. If anyone starts to gossip with you, politely excuse yourself from the conversation.

Bad Behavior at Office Parties

Conference venues Melbourne often have freely flowing alcohol, and far too many embarrassing or inappropriate incidents are the result of having one (or four) too many. Remember that, while such occasions can be fun, the people you’redrinking with are still your superiors and colleagues, and you will have to see them every day. Make sure you go easy on the alcohol, or better yet, don’t drink at all. People may not be looking for inappropriate behavior, but they will notice and remember.

Inappropriate Attire

Whatever your taste in clothing and sense ofstyle might be, dress appropriately for the job. Don’t wear anything tight, skimpy, or even slightly transparent, and don’t be heavy on the makeup. Don’t wear shabby, flashy, or casual clothing either. Dressing professionally is the only way to go, so maintain your image. Even when it comes to corporate functions, follow the dress code of the major events catering, and don’t wear anything revealing. Wear something smart and sophisticated.

Being Loud

If you’re the easily excitable type, this might be a bit difficult, at least at first. It is, however, an important point to bear in mind. Noisy people in the workplace are big distractions and incredibly annoying. Even if you’ve notheard any complaints about this, you may be bothering people who are just too polite to say anything. Keep your volume and tone in check at all times.


Be careful that you don’t disclose highly personal information to colleagues and never to superiors. Unless you are best pals with a workmate, there is no reason to bring up private matters even in passing. It can make people distracted or uncomfortable, and it could end up circulating the office as gossip. 

The potential mistakes any employee can make are actually uncountable. These ones are most common, so the least you can do to maintain your dignity and job security is to keep them in mind at all times.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Event Venue

Weather it’s a birthday party, office function or a wedding, planning an event is not an easy task. There are many things to consider such as the purpose of the event, number of attendees, budget and so on. Out of which deciding on an event venue adds an important part to the process. Some famous venues should be booked more than 6 months’ prior due its high demand. However before organizing an even it’s always best to have a look around on several event venues and choose the best as per your requirements and the budget.

Type of the event.

As per the type of your event you must choose a venue that suits your event purpose the guest requirements. If you are looking for a best 21st birthday function rooms hire, you may look for a place with a pub or bar facility, and also you might go for a party venue with a dance stage with an in house DJ. If the event is for an educational seminar you must look for a place that is compatible with high tech equipment’s and also with comfortable seating arrangements. Also if the venue is for a community Christmas party you may look for a hall that can accommodate a larger gathering and have enough space to accommodate few games as well. 

Cost, other services and amenities.

Different services and their charges for each venue may differ. If you look around you can go for the best options available. Some venues offer add on services such as carting or restaurant facilities, house DJs, event planners, decoration facilities are a few that can be on the list. You can also look for a place where there are cleanup crew so you don’t have to worry about cleaning before and after the event.

Location and the ambience.

It is always preferable to choose a location that is close to most of the guest who are attending to avoid any inconvenience while traveling. Unless otherwise you are looking for an event venue out of town for an office day outing which include some traveling. It is also better to find a place with ample parking spaces available. Ambiance of the location is also very important and you must give special attention when choosing your location. Interior décor, lighting systems, architecture of the building, seating arrangements and if it’s an outside venue, sceneries around it are some of the things that you can compare with each venue to choose the best. Look out for any disturbing smells in the venue as well. Some halls may give unpleasant smells from its carpeted floors or the scent of food from its restaurant.

Product Launches That Promise To Make Headlines

Gone are the days when product launches were boring affairs. Nowadays, lots of effort, time and money are spent on launch parties such that a lasting positive impression is created for the product in the mind of the consumer.

A great theme for a product launch that is gaining much popularity is a carnival theme. Products ranging from clothes to food items to kids related merchandise can be launched at such a premise. Offbeat products too can be launched at such a carnival but the main trick is to ensure that the product catches the eye of the media and consumer at all the places and gets their nod of approval.

Carnival colours, specifically red and white stripes can dominate the decor along with colourful balloons, carnival tents and canopies along with signboards and colourful banners. A photo booth featuring carnival themed props can be added too to make the place more fun.

For a more authentic and realistic vibe, amusement rides and games too can be set up catering to the child as well as thrill seekers within the guests.

However, the amusement rides must be decided keeping in mind the potential age bracket of the invitees. The food too can carry the theme forward such as popcorn tubs, cotton candies, hot dogs, ice cream cones and similar goodies. The wait staff too could be dressed befitting the theme.

Invites for the carnival theme launch can be sent to the media, potential investors, partners, VIP guests and experts as well as prospective consumers all of whom can spread positive word and reviews of the product. Invites too can be creative such as shaped like popcorn tubs or carnival tents or like one of the popular carnival rides.

All in all the guests must feel as if they have entered an actual wonderland, complete with all the rides and food. Giveaways as well as takeaways can be arranged at the event to create additional buzz for the product. The lists of things that can be added to the party are endless. However, it must not be forgotten that the product is the centre of attraction at the launch and the limelight must always be on it.

The importance of product launching events

Product launches can make or break your marketing. These are events where a product makes its debut into the market and the consumers get to view and access the product for the first time. Thus, such launches can be the deciding factor for the product and launch parties are nerve wrecking zones for the manufacturer, who tries too hard to please the consumers. This gives rise to extravagant launch parties where all plugs are pulled for the decor, ambiance and catering.

Importance Of Commitment In A Relationship

Commitment is an essential part in any relationship as it offers security and helps couples in expressing their feelings and thoughts openly. There has been a rise in numbers of people living together without getting married as there is always a fear of divorce which has become very common across the globe. Lack of commitment in a relationship often leads to breakups and divorces. Hence, commitment plays a significant role in every relationship. When there is commitment alive in a relationship, it makes you confident and helps in facing the day to day challenges. It is a feeling that keeps couples united like a part of a team.

Set rules and boundaries

Though there are number of weddings that take place and the wedding celebrant plays his part by doing all the legal formalities required to get married, but most of them end up in divorce due to lack of trust and commitment. There are many things one can do to stay committed to their partners. As a couple, you can create a statement of commitment as it outlines the objective and motto of the relationship. Boundaries and rules can be a part of the statement as it helps in strengthening the relationship and keeps it going for life.

Put in efforts to stay connected

When you feel that you and your partner are committed, you can take your relationship to the next level by seeking services from wedding celebrant professionals. In order to keep your relationship going, you can make efforts of greeting each other daily as it not only feels good, but it works as a special gesture to support the relationship of spouses. It is also important to stay connected by talking about your dreams, hopes and stresses that you go through on a daily basis. These topics are linked to your future and when you talk about it, your commitment gets stronger.

Stay friends with your partner

Spending quality time is another step; one should take to keep the relationship active. When you make time for each other, it strengthens the bond and helps couples stay dedicated. Stay more like friends with your partner as friendship is a big commitment. You can do special things with your partner as it helps in building traditions and brings significance in the relationship. Also, you can share religious and spiritual activities as it largely helps in promoting individual connection. It helps couples to grow closer and makes the commitment strong. 

Refresh old memories

When you talk about how you got connected with each other, it helps in renewing the desire of preserving the relationship for life. You can discuss about your first meeting and the reason that made you fall in love with your partner to refresh the old memories and also add the lost charm in your relationship back.

Creative Way Of Proposing A Girl

There are so many people getting married every moment in different part of the globe. This inevitably means that there are so many people who are stuck in the very same place where you are at the moment. They are still struggling and trying to find out ways to figure out so that they can finally propose the lady of their dream and ask them to eventually become their life partner.
When it comes to proposing a girl, you sure would want to implement romantic proposal ideas so that it remains a memorable idea for both of you, for the right reasons of course! One question that your partner will need to answer all through her life to different individuals is the way her man proposed to her. So why not make this moment special and highly romantic as well?
Let us delve into a few romantic ideas which you can try out in case you are about to propose to the girl of your dreams anytime soon.

• Setting up a romantic meal

Amongst romantic offer ideas this one might be the oldest one in the box, however it is even one of the most engaging and most dreamy ones as well. Select a plush restaurant and take your lady for lunch or dinner. Make sure that you do proper arrangement with the staff members before hand. Make sure that the lights are dim and the atmosphere is soothing and wonderful. Then let the engagement ring arrive under a tray. If your lady is a bit towards the shy side, then getting the entire crowd’s attention might not be quite a good idea. However again, a restaurant should not be extra flashy and expensive always. Simply take her to a special restaurant or an eating outlet which you both visited for the first time, and go about with your proposing act!

• Transforming her home would be a perfect idea

Just imagine that your lady walks back home tired after a hectic day at office and she walks into a decorated and most romantic place on Earth. You are all set waiting for her with that rose and the engagement ring, asking her to be your better half for the rest of your lives. Mesmerizing and so ideal, right?

Make sure that you do cover her room with the flowers that she likes most and candles all over the place. No doubt this would definitely turn out being a mesmerizingly fantastic idea and she will love to recall and tell her friends about it again and again!

• What about sky writing?

This idea might turn out being quite expensive however this would be one of the most idealistic ways to pop the question across to your lady. There are several companies providing sky writing services and make it happen by asking your lady if she will marry you and add her name to this as well. This idea is definitely fun and so romantic.